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Hailing from Sunny California all the way to Atlanta, GA, Certified Trichologist Health Care Practitioner/Educator and Licensed Master Cosmetologist Tracey Garner shares her extensive training skills to meet her client's needs, Tracey specializes in healthy hair care. As an independent Master Hair Care professional designing in Marietta, GA, Tracey has maintained elegant and versatile hair designs for everyday clients. Tracey's priority is making your hair healthy. Tracey is constantly adapting and evolving to meet her patron's needs and stay up to date with the current trends by attending various hair shows and continuing educational classes. Tracey's passion and love for hair afforded her the opportunity to advance her learning by getting her Certification in Trichology (Biological and Scientific approach to hair loss as it relates to scalp disorders). With this advanced Certification, Tracey is prepared to assist clients that are experiencing hair loss due to medication, poor diet and nutrition and autoimmune diseases.



Our Story

Carol Wayne Salon is a friendly salon that prides itself on its experience, education, and passion for healthy hair. We are driven by technical excellence, advanced education, and a client-centered approach to hair. At Carol Wayne Salon, you can expect professional salon services in an intimate and personal environment. The vibe is casual and effortless, with a touch of humor. Our goal is to bring current trends and techniques to our clients’ everyday lives.

Our Vision

To make you  happy, smile and feel fabulous.

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